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rac routefinder but what about AA Route Planner

Finding Valuable Information With the AA Route Planner
By Peter Kaestner

Getting around by road today is much, much easier than it was several years ago. Gone are the days when people used physical road maps to navigate along their route. Those road maps often resulted in people getting lost, so today most will appreciate the AA Route Planner as the tool they should use for travelling through Ireland, England and other European countries. This route planner is a great resource that will allow you to get from point A to point B without the high risk of getting lost. All you would need to know is how it works and how you can use it to your advantage.

The AA Route Planner can easily be accessed by logging onto the Internet. The main page that you will access when you log onto the site is the page that provides maps and travelling directions from point to point. All you would be required to do is enter the names of the origin and destination points after which the route planner would spit out a list of options that you can choose from. The site will also provide maps and satellite images that will help to outline exactly where the city names you have selected show up on the map of that particular country.

Once you have selected the appropriate cities, you will then get step-by-step directions for how to get to your destination. You will be informed about the length of time from point to point as well as how much time there is in between landmarks or other major cities on the way to your final stop. Therefore, if you are taking a lengthy trip, you can make note of the rest stops so you can grab a moment to refresh yourself instead of driving straight to your final destination. Information on major highways is also available so you can decide if you want to take a break before you hit the highway or after.

The AA Route Planner is also helpful with providing information about hotels and restaurants in each major city. You can also get detailed maps of each city so you can see what entertainment activities are available. There are also traffic and speed camera notifications that the route planner will use to help make your journey as seamless as possible.

The AA Route Planner is the perfect tool that you can use to help make your journey through the European countries as hassle free as possible. And, you will also have the option to explore other places en route to your final destination by using the AA Route Planner to your advantage.

Peter Kaestner writes about the advantages of the AA Route Planner when travelling in unfamiliar territory! Find out more information about the RAC Routefinder, if you are travelling within the United States, at this website!

Article Source: Finding Valuable Information With the AA Route Planner

Now for rac routefinder

Are you actually planning a trip to any of the locations within your country? It can be any were in UK, USA or Europe. Then actually you can find a companion who is ready to help you with all advices that can really make this journey a memorable one. It is the RAC or the Royal Automobile Club. They provide travel plans or roadside help to members who are down with any problems. They provide breakdown cover to any vehicles all around the country by offering the services of patrol men and third party garages. They can actually make your travel short by giving you the details of the shortest routes in US, UK and Europe.

RAC routefinder has been in existence from the year 1897. It is considered UK’s most progressive motoring organization with more than 7 million active members. From the day of establishment till today, this organization has been a champion of the rights of the drivers. They made the life of the common people simple by providing solutions to a broken down member and even to get a best deal in motor insurance. The members of this organization have life time access to many services and this has made their travels simple and easy.

The services offered by a RAC routefinder are many. In fact they are considered a boon by many travelers. RAC has been very well appreciated among our society for all the help that they do for the motor riders. Their services have been recognized by the governments and other agencies which have supported them with many awards. In the year 2006, RAC won the recovery or breakdown company of the year for the friendly help that they have given to motor riders with their roadside patrol. The year 2008 saw RAC being ranked No 1 for customer services. This is the third year in a row that RAC held on to this award. The most prestigious award that RAC received till now came in the year 2009 when the UK customer satisfaction index did rate RAC as one among the top ten brands for services whole across the country. It was able to come fifth in the whole table.

In the year 2005 RAC route finder, was acquired by the up’s largest insurer Aviva for a whopping £1.1 billion. Aviva is one of the leading financial advisors in UK. It is the biggest general insurer of UK with a market share of around 14%. The purpose of acquisition was to combine the synergies of these two service giants. It brought together RAC’s powerful brand and Aviva’s large expertise in motor insurance. This synergy has worked out very well and it was actually common people like us who benefited a lot from such a deal. RAC routefinder continues to make our life simpler in many ways.